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I come from an old lineage of Gaelic healers, shamans and high priestesses. I know the ways of the ancients, I am a keeper of the earth and hold the keys within.

Here are my Unique Gifts with love.

Aligning Palmistry and the Planets with a single seed, to bring a new consciousness to healing. Ancient Wisdom long forgotten, learning to listen and feel the earth and her seedlings, hearing the vibration of each plant and its healing ways.

A discovery of knowledge and ways of the old, the human body operates on a higher level then we know and unlocking the secret map of your hands through palmistry and moon planting will bring a new meaning to healthy living through vibrational seeds.

Seeds need to be cared for and treated just like a new born baby. They need constant love and caring so the energy exchanged can fulfill the seeds destiny in being all that it can be for its owner.

I bring a higher vibration to the seed, allowing the seed to talk with my hands and telling me which moon phase it should be sowed in, what hand to place the seed on, which palmistry line to link it up to and what vibration I need to bring to enhance the seeds properties. Before it reaches its rightful owner, it will sit in its own energy field of love, awaiting to perform its healing duties for you. Universal knowledge at your finger tips.

I live under Mt Macedon and I’m a Healer with 12yrs Earth Experience of Reiki 1&2 and lifetimes of other healing modalities. I use light language whilst being a channel to my guides, sound and my drum. I AM of the Blue Flame in this life and therefore carry the Will of God within me, Faith, using my Voice for Truth, for those that need to hear, my hands for those that need healing. I surrender, therefore I am the vessel.
There is always a healing.

My Creative passions are within and therefore bringing them forth include channeling vibrational essences for the mind, body and soul path and turning them into healing sprays for cleansing and purifying people and places. I have been trained in Geomancy and know how to clear the land and homes. Bringing my Avalon Priestess Self through I have crafted Talismans using my vibrational seeds, crystals and a scroll of sacred knowledge downloaded and transpired through the Christ Consciousness. My clear guidance is Mary Magdalene and JesusĀ as I carry on the linage through me.



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